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Old way

Local storage

CD and Flash Drive file transfer

Manual scheduling

Clinic workstation software licenses

Manual procedure planning

Clinic-only support

Manual quality reporting

the Efferent Way

24/7 Secure Cloud Access

Instant sharing functionality

Automated scheduling and notifications

Mobile-device compatibility

Template-based procedure coordination

Multiple clinical events supported

Automated quality measures management

Our Products


The Efferent Healthcare Platform allows the creation of medical software applications without extensive programming, leading to reduction in time-to-market, real-time implementation and faster upgrade capability.

The platform provides an environment exclusively for the healthcare industry with assets that allow for rapid low-code development, letting organizations focus on core business logic.

Applications can be designed, developed and implemented from scratch. Alternatively, current client-server applications can serve as a blueprint for those organization who wish to modernize to a cloud environment.

Using the Efferent Healthcare Platform, development assets can be significantly reduced. In addition in-house operational costs can be minimized as the whole platform is self-administered.

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A hybrid PACS system, that allows for secure, scalable storage and deployment of medical images, either as standalone or integrated with other medical systems.

Image files are kept in redundant repositories residing on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and thus accessible to credentialed users via a dynamic, sophisticated viewer accessible by any Web browser at any time and any place.

To complete the hybrid design, eVue comes with a minimal setup and low maintenance local network appliance, the SmartLink. This appliance seamlessly acquires images from medical image digital devices, caches the files for immediate and near term use and sends the files to the cloud repository designated for the individual medical practice, clinic, imaging center or hospital.

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A cloud based clinical operations management system that helps medical entities manage the complexities of resource and asset allocation, and simplifies information distribution.

From a logistics point-of-view, eCue brings medical and support personnel, required assets and pertinent informational resources (documents, images, etc.) together to a specific place and time.

Additionally, eCue communicates individualized scheduling information to personnel who are necessary participants of an event and have the need-to-know.

The reach of eCue traverses traditional boundaries and includes all people and entities that ordinarily and logically participate and support medical services.