Eastwall and Efferent Health partnership

Eastwall and Efferent Health partner to provide comprehensive Microsoft Azure Cloud services for medical imaging & healthcare informatics customers

DENVER, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eastwall, an emerging leader in pureplay Microsoft Azure Consulting and Engineering, and Efferent Health, a leading innovator in healthcare data informatics and medical imaging, are pleased to announce a partnership to enhance services provided to its customers on Microsoft Azure. Efferent Health will provide their innovative cloud-based DHP (Digital Health Platform) solutions to optimize DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) workflow management, HL7®, FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), and workflow automation. Eastwall will bring to the table its extensive expertise in streamlining cloud adoption, ensuring compliance, fortifying security, and integrating Azure technologies for complex healthcare environments. The collaboration between Eastwall and Efferent Health will significantly enhance service offerings for medical imaging and healthcare informatics customers, streamlining the migration to cloud architecture and their subsequent cloud journey.

“This partnership does more than just magnify our separate capabilities. It creates a collaborative synergy that elevates how our medical imaging informatics clients integrate our software in the cloud,” said Kress Stein, CEO of Efferent Health. “We’re solving critical skillset gaps while maximizing the potential of Microsoft Azure within healthcare systems.”

“Collaborating with Efferent Health enhances our joint capacity to enable healthcare and life sciences organizations to fully utilize Azure’s capabilities to benefit their operations,” stated Glenn Mate, Co-Founder & CEO of Eastwall. “In partnership, we will accelerate our clients’ transition to the cloud by delivering seamless, automated, and refined healthcare solutions and services, assisting them in their deployment strategies.”

By integrating Eastwall’s technical expertise in Azure consulting and Efferent Health’s market-leading medical imaging & informatics platform, the partnership is positioned to deliver robust, scalable solutions that streamline workflow and enhance data connectivity in the healthcare sector while addressing diverse needs that are unique to each customer’s cloud environment or technical proficiency.

“We understand that in the healthcare sector, attaining business goals is intrinsically linked to meeting clinical targets—an accomplishment regularly showcased by the Efferent Health team. This partnership leverages the strength of Microsoft Cloud. Our value will be to ensure that our mutual customers are not bottlenecked by technical roadblocks and that we enable them to realize the vision of connected care.” said Chuck Martin, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at Eastwall.

Efferent Health’s expertise in linking healthcare data and users with Azure-based complements Eastwall’s proven excellence in fine-tuning cloud solutions for healthcare providers. This collaboration seeks to steer mutual clients through their cloud transitions, enabling robust security and streamlined data management and workflows. The alliance marks a significant advancement for healthcare and life sciences organizations that may lack the resources or technical skills to fully embrace cloud capabilities. Key advantages include:

  • Rapid Deployment: Through close collaboration, Efferent Health and Eastwall will swiftly address technical hurdles, enhancing clients’ Azure cloud proficiency and expediting implementation.
  • Holistic Support: Clients looking to upgrade or refine their Azure Cloud integrations, security measures, or compliance standards with Efferent Health’s DHP services will gain direct access to Eastwall’s comprehensive cloud consulting and engineering expertise.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Solutions created within this partnership will simplify the clinical experience by minimizing the complexities tied to cloud adoption and expansion, boosting customer satisfaction.

About Efferent Health

Efferent Health is an information technology company with its primary focus on connecting healthcare to collect and automate operational processes among clinicians, patients, hospitals, other facilities, suppliers, and other medical providers. With a robust user base of over 5,000+ across 30 U.S. states and five countries, their innovative solutions optimize DICOM workflow management, FHIR, and informatics workflow automation. The Efferent Health DHP (Digital Health Platform) architecture is predicated on three basic principles: making healthcare operational processes faster, less expensive, and more effective than current methods by unlocking valuable data and transforming data interoperability. To learn more, visit www.efferenthealth.com

About Eastwall

Eastwall is a leading Microsoft services partner focused 100% on the Azure platform, helping clients build, migrate, modernize, and manage their applications, infrastructure, data, and analytics in the cloud. Dedicated to driving meaningful impact, Eastwall has continually exhibited a commitment to aligning its services with healthcare organizations’ strategic objectives through all phases of cloud adoption to deliver an exceptional Azure experience. To learn more, visit, www.eastwall.com

Brent E. Mellecker, Efferent Health
V.P. Sales & Marketing