Efferent Health and iData Enter into a Memorandum of Understanding

August 1st, 2022

Houston, TX – Efferent Health is a leading innovator in healthcare data informatics and medical imaging, and iData, an emerging leader in data analytics, has announced a cooperative agreement in sales, marketing, international representation, and project completion. 

Kress Stein, CEO of Efferent Health, notes, “iData compliments and augments our strengths to the end user. Efferent’s core competencies are extracting and standardizing healthcare imaging and clinical data. iData stands poised to complete our offering with its pedigree in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. In addition, we have seen a groundswell of interest in Latin America, and it will be invaluable to have a capable partner with boots on the ground in the region.” 

Bayron Quintero, CEO of IData, notes, “Customers around the world are requiring not only advanced solutions but more integrated solutions as well. Working together, companies can add high value by giving accurate, scalable, and profitable services. Efferent is a company that is disrupting the industry and will boost the health sector by giving back the power of data.”

The management of medical data is an enormous challenge within the industry. The complete lack of standardization has made true interoperability almost impossible with numerous disparate datasets orphaned across the globe. Marrying datasets can be challenging for a single hospital system, let alone an entire county.

With organizations like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Colombia’s healthcare system’s adoption of the Health Level Seven’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7 FHIR) standard, the goal of global communication of medical resources, patient control, and standard-of-care through technology, may no longer be aspirational. 

Globally, the industry is beginning to understand the power and benefits of standardization and cloud computing. “Efferent stands poised to complete that first-mile journey of disparate data standardization to FHIR and looks to iData to extract the maximum value out of the data once it has made that transition,” states Mr. Stein.

The Efferent-iData partnership will help expand the reach of both organizations that look to bring order and understanding to the chaos of healthcare data.

Efferent Health, LLC is an information technology company with its primary focus on connecting healthcare to collect and automate operational processes among clinicians, patients, hospitals, other facilities, suppliers, and other medical providers. The Efferent Health DHP (Digital Health Platform) architecture is predicated on three basic principles: making healthcare operational processes faster, less expensive, and more effective than current methods by unlocking valuable data and transforming data-interoperability.

iData is a global company specializing in developing data science and AI solutions. We use our industry knowledge and expertise to build solutions to harness the power of healthcare data. We are focused on delivering predictive modeling tools, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to support real-time strategic business solutions.