New Strategic Partnership Announcement

June 21, 2021

Efferent’s platform of cloud-based solutions transforms the speed and efficiency of healthcare delivery with streamlined processes, rapid communication, and robust resources.

PHILADELPHIA, PA. (June 21, 2021)— Parvizi Surgical Innovation, LLC (PSI) is pleased to announce an investment and partnership with Efferent Health, LLC, an emerging company focused on connecting and automating healthcare through its FHIR cloud-based healthcare platform.

“Parvizi Surgical Innovation is excited about the opportunity to work with Efferent Health to address some of the issues surrounding existing inefficiencies in healthcare, such as the inability of EMRs to crosstalk or the ability to access digital data. These inefficiencies can result in declining patient care and escalating healthcare costs,” said Dr. Javad Parvizi, Founder & CEO, PSI. “Efferent Health is beautifully poised to address these issues using their novel and state-of-the-art FHIR platform. Our collaboration aligns with the main mission of PSI, namely, to advance patient care by exploiting novel technologies.”

Efferent Health, LLC is an information technology company with its primary focus of connecting and automating operational processes among medical providers, patients, hospitals, other medical facilities, suppliers, etc. The Efferent Health eco-system architecture is predicated on three basic principles: making clinical, operational processes faster, less expensive, and more effective than current methods.

“Efferent Health is excited and honored to receive the confidence of Parvizi Surgical Innovation,” says Kress M. Stein, President & COO, Efferent Health, LLC. “This partnership represents the luminary global orthopedic presence of PSI combined with Efferent’s advanced digital healthcare platform to deliver the next evolution of digital health interoperability.” 

To learn more about Efferent Health, LLC and the products available to connect your practice, please contact or 888.805.5036.

Parvizi Surgical Innovation, LLC (PSI) fosters the growth of new technologies through research and development. Founded in 2016 by Dr. Javad Parvizi, our purpose is to advance healthcare for both the patient and provider with the collective knowledge of devoted clinicians, world-class surgeons, business leaders, and scientists. PSI strives to better patients’ lives through innovative development, partnerships, and funding.

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